THE Movement

The posts below are contributed by members of our community. Our hope is that through reading their stories, you will feel that you are not alone. Mental health struggles are real, but so is an understanding community where you can belong.

Life as a new immigrant comes with its fair share of trials. Moving across continents with just two suitcases leaving behind my family, friends and life as I knew it […]
Chris was first diagnosed with ADHD (or as his mother fondly referred to it, “spirited energy”) in Grade 2, and years later in 2012 with anxiety. He’s since channeled that […]
I think it is very important to educate our kids about mental health, with social media being a double edge sword, we have to be vigilant to what they’re exposed […]
Two weeks ago, I started to feel bad. The stress of the new school year had subsided. A wave of uncontrollable fatigue swept over me. I was at the end […]
Minnat shares her experience of leaving behind everything she knew and moving to Canada after getting married. Author: Minnat Instagram:
I have struggled throughout my life with depression. It isn’t just a bad mood or attitude, it’s a condition. I can be triggered by severe mood swings. Sometimes I land […]
Today I am emotional…Though I am happy and so very grateful I have a lot of emotions stirring from 2018. September 25th, 2018 I would prepare myself for the hardest […]
Lesley-Ann, a wellness mentor and mental health advocate, has struggled with mental health issues, namely severe anxiety and depression for 10 years. With the help of therapists, she’s learned coping […]
”Come on now, stop crying, wipe your tears and give us a big happy smile!” Does this conversation between your child and you sound familiar? Now don’t get me wrong, […]
I’ve struggled with ??????? for most of my adult life. I remember feeling ashamed to share this part of myself in fear that people would think I was weak, unable […]