I’ve struggled with ??????? for most of my adult life.

I remember feeling ashamed to share this part of myself in fear that people would think I was weak, unable to control my thoughts, insecure, and ?????????.

I remember canceling plans with friends, dropping out of classes, and completely afraid of making any long term commitments because I constantly lived in fear.

Panic attacks, anxiety, and depression crippled me, took over, and robbed me of many happy moments and opportunities —  but here’s the thing about anxiety/depression it doesn’t make you any less of a person, in fact, it makes you human.

After years of struggling alone I started dealing with my anxiety head-on — I talked about it, I wrote in journals to pinpoint my triggers, I saw an amazing therapist and talked through traumas that affected me throughout my life, confided in close friends + family, and last but not least I made a deal with myself — to never hide the part of me that makes me stronger today and whenever I feel a little down and out I always try to remind myself that ??’? ???? ??? ?? ????.

Author: Tara
Instagram: @tarachujunian