THE Movement

The posts below are contributed by members of our community. Our hope is that through reading their stories, you will feel that you are not alone. Mental health struggles are real, but so is an understanding community where you can belong.

  Nigel is an integrated yoga movement and lifestyle enthusiast, and mental health advocate. Through his work in the wellness industry, he helps bring a sense of calm and balance, […]
I started my journey to better mental health about two years ago now, after going through two robberies at a previous job. I wasn’t expecting to dive any deeper after […]
I watched an interview with Nicole Kidman and the interviewer asked the common question, “How are you?” She replied, “honestly?” “Yeah” “Pretty raw”. Her response drew tears to my eyes. […]
I was 21 years old, standing in my parent’s kitchen, cutting up vegetables and balling my eyes out uncontrollably. My dad, so concerned, asked me what was wrong and that […]
Teal first noticed she was “dealing with very different things as her friends” in high school. While they worried about what dress to wear to Prom, Teal was facing not […]
In March 2020, I lost my mother to an evil disease. It was 4 days before my first daughter turned 3 months old. It was amid a global pandemic and […]
Motherhood is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s isolating even though you’re never alone. It’s exhaustion beyond anything you ever thought possible. It’s lonely. It’s anxiety. It’s depression. I […]
Are you okay? I’m not, but also sometimes I am. It’s okay not to be okay! Mental health affects everyone in different ways and its normal to struggle with your […]
As a big-chain restaurant manager, Sonny works with many young adults on a daily basis. He sees first hand the struggles many of them face with their mental health. As […]
Mental health was one of the reasons I started my IG page @oh_boymama. After suffering a traumatic miscarriage in 2018, I was really struggling and needed help. I tried speaking […]