THE Movement

The posts below are contributed by members of our community. Our hope is that through reading their stories, you will feel that you are not alone. Mental health struggles are real, but so is an understanding community where you can belong.

I’ve struggled with ??????? for most of my adult life. I remember feeling ashamed to share this part of myself in fear that people would think I was weak, unable […]
Mental health is often viewed as a taboo subject that many people hide from others. It’s not talked about openly enough, leaving those of us with mental health issues feeling […]
Hello Lovelies, While I like to keep things light and focus on positivity and focus my energy on fun + exciting projects and topics on this little space of mine, […]
Why hello friends, I have a rather important topic to discuss with you guys today. I want to give a Trigger Warning as I will be discussing sensitive topics. If […]
It was a warm day in April 2017. My day started as they usually do…wake up, shower, eat, pill. That evening was Easter supper at my aunt’s (a welcome break […]
I was always a good kid, I almost always listened to my mother and I always listened to my mother when it was about something important. Except one time. The […]
Sometimes I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Not because I didn’t get enough sleep, but because I can’t bear to think about what the day might […]
I used to be so thankful that I’m a strong person. I take comfort in knowing I’m dependable, and it brings me overwhelming joy to be the person my loved […]
I am struggling. Yes, I said it. It feels good to say it out loud, actually. As an admitted Type A personality, parenthood has brought me down to earth in […]
Who is Kinijalele? Who is Savanna? My brand is recovery, maybe not online, but certainly in my understanding of myself. If I asked myself? I am Savanna, I am a […]