Hello Lovelies, While I like to keep things light and focus on positivity & focus my […]
Why hello friends, I have a rather important topic to discuss with you guys today. I […]
It’s a warm day in April 2017. My day started as they usually do…wake up, shower, […]
I was always a good kid, I almost always listened to my mother and I always […]
Sometimes I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Not because I didn’t get […]
I used to be so thankful that I’m a strong person. I take comfort in knowing […]
I am struggling. Yes, I said it. It feels good to say it out loud, actually. […]
Who is Kinijalele? Who is Savanna? My brand is recovery, maybe not online, but certainly in […]
An insatiable need to live runs deep Though these walls confine me Anxious, depressed, thought weak […]
Just think it away, take some deep breaths That’s what they’ve tried to tell me Here, […]